Shona Innes Psychology has the professional capability and experience required to undertake an extensive range of assessments and pre-sentence assessment reports, including the knowledge to select the best assessment tool, interpret the results and use them to inform practical solutions.

Assessments are conducted for clinical mental health diagnosis and treatment. These include cognitive testing (IQ), personality testing, and Forensic Risk assessments (e.g. to develop risk management plans and treatment for sexualised behaviours, stalking), using a battery of assessments appropriate to the specific questions being asked when someone seeks an assessment or testing.

Shona Innes Psychology offers assessments for:

  • Mental health assessment: Informing a diagnosis, formulation and making recommendations for treatment
  • Clinical assessment: For depression, anxiety, stress, anger and aspects of personality/schema
  • Assessment of child development: Emotional regulation, social skills and adaptive behaviours
  • Intelligence testing: Understanding a person’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Functional analysis and applied behaviour analysis: Understanding a person’s behaviours and the triggers, maintaining factors and consequences that keep the behaviour going.
  • Pre-Sentence reporting: developing an in-depth psychological report to assist with decisions with respect to sentencing by the courts
  • Risk of offending behaviour: Criminal offending, sexual offending, arson, stalking, and dangerous use of pornography
  • Parent stress and parenting capacity: Understanding a parent’s history, experiences, values and stresses that influence the way they behave with their children or step-children
  • Multi-disciplinary testing: Contributing to diagnosis for Autism Spectrum by providing developmental histories, cognitive assessment and analysis of social skills

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