Workshops & Speaking

Shona Innes Psychology offers workshops and training relating to behavioural and emotional matters as they relate to troubled children and young people.

Our aim is to translate the latest research and evidence so that it may be understood and applied in real situations by parents, teachers, carers, support staff, sports coaches, provisional psychologists, forensic and clinical registrars, and Master’s and doctoral students.

In response to sporting associations and a club’s duty of care to its players and supporters, Shona Innes is available to conduct presentations and workshops for administrators, coaches and players that address sexual behaviours including sexualisation of women and sexual assault.

The following titles are among the most frequently requested:

Workshops and training programs may also be tailored for your organisation’s specific needs.To find out more or to make an enquiry, please contact Shona Innes Psychology, phone 0400 150 106 or email 


Shona Innes has been a quest on ABC radio, commercial radio and television discussing the mental well-being, happiness and safety of children, young people and their carers.