Do Medicare rebates apply?

Yes, where appropriate referrals have been made by your GP, Psychiatrist or Paediatrician. Shona Innes Psychology offers services under the Medicare Better Access to Mental Health program. To qualify for a rebate, you must provide a completed referral form from your GP, Psychiatrist or Paediatrician. The referring Doctor will determine the number of treatment sessions (up to 10 sessions per calendar year – with a review after up to 6 sessions).

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Do you offer psychology forensic expert witness services?

Yes. Shona Innes is regularly called upon to provide expert witness statements and professional opinion for the courts. Learn more

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Are you able to provide Children’s Court Reports?

Shona Innes Psychology delivers detailed, concise assessment of complex cases for the Courts and legal teams who represent a broad range of complex children’s issues. These include cases where children are at risk in domestic situations, maladaptive/dangerous/neglectful parenting and abuse or are themselves the perpetrators or victims of property, violence or sexual offences. Learn more

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Do you support supervision and support services for psychologists, case managers and social workers?

Yes. A key aspect of Shona’s work involves supporting psychologists and case managers through the multitude of professional issues that can present in any caseload. This may include providing advice about additional knowledge that could assist around theory assessment and interventions and providing a space for reflection on ethical concerns, balancing competing demands, professional workplace issues and personnel issues.

Shona provides a range of supervision and peer consultation services for psychologist and others working in human services. Services range from formal supervision towards AHPRA registration, support during investigations into disciplinary matters or breeches of code of conduct, as well as ongoing peer consultations for case by case practice and professional growth.

Shona Innes can help you to:

  • Consider possible ‘blind spots’ in your formulation
  • Deal with ethical dilemmas
  • Formulate and stick with your preferred theoretical framework
  • Reflect on how issues, for you as therapist or clinician, affect your broader life and values and vice versa
  • Trouble shoot problems in sessions or ruptures in treatment
  • Provide a space to ‘think out loud’ about case work or issues affecting your practice

Shona Innes also provides:

  • Workshops
  • Peer consultation
  • Supervision for registration or endorsement
  • Supervision following investigation into your practice as a health professional

Learn more

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Do you provide services for people with pornography addiction?

Yes. Shona Innes Psychology provides support for people who have trouble with pornography from sexting and a fascination with explicit material to more serious and criminal matters that include underage pornography. Learn more

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Do you help victims of crime?

Yes. Shona Innes is a forensic and clinical psychologist with a special interest in supporting children and young people who are victims of crime. Learn more

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Can you help young people who are in trouble with the law and reoffending?

Yes. Shona Innes Psychology works privately with children and young people, offenders with disabilities, youth justice and correctional services. Learn more

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How do I purchase Big Hug books?

You can purchase Big Hug picture books online here.

The Big Hug books for children are a series of picture books designed to gently talk about topics that many find emotional. Each of the stories has grown from psychological sessions with children (and sometimes with grown ups) to help them understand and talk about complex emotional situations in simple and gentle ways. Each book includes some notes for parents or teachers that can be used to guide the ways they assist their children and students. Psychologists and students of psychology will recognise the evidence-based strategies the Big Hug books promote.

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How do I help a socially anxious child?

Anxiety has many subtypes: generalised anxiety (worry), specific phobias, OCD, separation anxiety and social anxiety. Some kids are slow to warm up in company. Some are content without too much interaction with others. Other kids live in fear of having to speak or interact with others. It’s important that we understand the differences and preferences of children. Learn more

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Can you help my child who has ADHD and attention problems?

Yes. The ideal solution to attention problems will likely involve medical intervention, special education accommodations and psychological intervention for support with understanding ADHD, problem solving, behavioural skills and mood monitoring. Learn more

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