Specialising in the support of troubled children, young people and their carers, Shona Innes Psychology provides forensic and clinical psychology services for youth justice, corrections, child protection and community agencies tasked with the assessment, treatment and management of children and young people at risk to themselves or others. We also work with clients in private practice.

A registered supervisor, Shona Innes delivers supervision, professional consultation and professional support taking into account formal registration requirements, individual and development needs that help professionals continue to grow and maintain self-care.

Shona Innes

Shona Innes

Forensic and Clinical Psychologist, Consultant, Registered Supervisor, Speaker & Workshop Presenter, Author & Media Commentator

A nationally recognised forensic and clinical psychologist, Shona is known for supporting troubled children, young people and their carers, and collaborating with support and protection agencies to address the challenging behaviours that result from complex and criminal situations.