1. Mark had been removed from his mother’s care by child safety workers when he was 10 after it became apparent that he was being repeatedly subjected to abuse, violence and neglect at home. Read more Case Stories

Shona Innes Psychology provides assessment and treatment for children, young people and adults with appropriately referred and eligible Medicare health plans, private referrals and WorkCover clients .

Services include providing assessment, treatment and support for:

  • Anxiety: Generalised anxiety and worry, specific fears and phobias, compulsions and OCD, health anxieties, separation anxieties, schoolrefusal, PTSD and trauma 
  • Depression: Lowered mood, adjustmentissues
  • Trauma: Abuse, family violence, neglect, family separation, traffic accidents and grief 
  • Behaviour: Naughtiness, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), conduct disorder and youth offending including sexual offending, ADHD and attention issues

Shona Innes Psychology also provides applied behaviour analysis for a range of challenging behaviour: Anger, tantrums, self-harm, hurting others and property damages.

Support for Parents, Carers & Schools



  • Working with angry young people
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders and offending
  • Parenting, difficult behaviours and meltdowns 
  • Understanding and responding to self-harm in young people
  • Managing and responding to child and adolescent sexual behaviours
  • Teenage Girls – Things you Should Totally Know
  • Helping the anxious child

Shona’s Blogs

For families, carers and schools, Shona Innes regularly posts articles that relate specifically to the emotional and behavioural matters that commonly affect children and teens.

Shona Talks…..

Shona Talks.. is a series of YouTube Vlogs which explain psychological concepts in a palatable and friendly manner that allows all involved to share the information in a way that the adult and child can understand. Simply click on the links below to be directed to Shona’s YouTube channel.

Shona also blogs for departments, agencies and support staff.


Shona Innes is a guest of Radio ABC Sunshine Coast every Wednesday morning.

Tune in to hear Shona, a leading authority on the mental well-being, happiness and safety of children, young people and their carers.

Shona Innes Psychology invites private psychology consulting and referrals from general practitioners, school guidance counsellors and community agencies involved in the care of teens and young people.