A forensic psychologist working to help troubled people and their carers, Shona Innes is known for her ability to apply an overarching professional perspective in highly emotive circumstances where conflicting priorities and multiple stakeholders must all be considered, while remaining focussed on providing the best possible outcome for children and young people at risk.

Shona Innes Forensic Psychology services include:

Risk assessment & reports

A champion of practical and useful reporting, Shona compiles succinct and meaningful risk assessment and pre-sentencing reports that deliver recommendations offering clear direction for authorities and carers of young people who find themselves in trouble with the Law, involved with pornography or who are the victims or perpetrators of violent crime or domestic violence.

Expert witness for the courts & legal processes


Sought-after for her high level professional qualifications, experience in complex cases (especially involving young people), and balanced approach and working-knowledge of legal processes, Shona Innes is regularly called upon to provide her professional opinion for the courts.


Implementation of treatment for young people and adults at risk for a broad range of issues that include difficult and complex behaviours that cross social boundaries to criminal activity, violent crime, domestic violence and substance abuse or pornography addictions. Shona Innes also works with young people and adults who have been traumatised or effected by crime. Their problems can extend to self-harm, eating disorders, attention and learning difficulties and complex mental health outcomes.

Care for carers

Self-care support is essential for addressing professional and personal burn-out among carers that results from the enormous stress associated with the case load and severity of circumstances affecting their clients.


Shona Innes is renowned for her understanding of the conflicting requirements of various processes and network of agencies and systems. She is therefore sought after as a consultant for her ability to bridge the gaps and formulate solutions that achieve workable, happy and safe outcomes for all involved. Shona Innes Psychology provides consulting services as follows:

  • Courts, tribunals, parole boards and legal professionals
  • Mental health services
  • Corrections and youth justice
  • Child protection agencies
  • Trauma Support Agencies
  • Victims of crime
  • Schools – Government, Special School, Catholic and private schools

Contact Shona Innes Psychology by phone 0400 150 106 or email admin@shonainnes.com for more information about assessment, reporting, treatment and consulting.