Nigel, 30, was a health professional. A patient at the hospital where Nigel worked lodged a complaint about him to the hospital and to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) when she was unhappy with her treatment. AHPRA and the hospital reviewed Nigel’s practice in relation to the patient and decided Nigel needed to work on certain breeches of the patient’s trust. Read more

Shona Innes is an AHPRA Psychology Board approved Supervisor providing peer supervision for provisional psychologists, clinical and forensic registrars and Masters and Doctoral students in forensic and clinical psychology as well as private psychologists, case managers and social welfare workers.

This involves supporting them through the multitude of professional issues that can present in any caseload. This may include providing advice about additional knowledge that could assist around theory assessment and interventions and providing a space for reflection on ethical concerns, balancing competing demands, professional workplace issues and personnel issues.

Shona provides a range of supervision and peer consultation services for psychologist and others working in human services. Services range from formal supervision towards AHPRA registration, support during investigations into disciplinary matters or breeches of code of conduct, as well as ongoing peer consultations for case by case practice and professional growth.

Shona Innes can help you to:

  • Consider possible ‘blind spots’ in your formulation
  • Deal with ethical dilemmas
  • Formulate and stick with your preferred theoretical framework
  • Reflect on how issues, for you as therapist or clinician, affect your broader life and values and vice versa
  • Trouble shoot problems in sessions or ruptures in treatment
  • Provide a space to ‘think out loud’ about case work or issues affecting your practice

Supervision of provisional Psychologists includes:


  • formal supervision of professional competency
  • teaching and professional development/growth
  • endorsement for clinical and forensic psychology
  • case reviews
  • use and interpretation of assessment tools
  • professional self-care


  • knowledge of the discipline, theories and practice
  • psychological assessments – understanding and choosing
  • strategies for intervention
  • interpersonal communications
  • ethics and psychological issues
  • working across cultures and life span
  • Self-care
  • finding and applying relevant research to practice

Professional behaviour:

  • unethical behaviours
  • sexual relationships with clients
  • boundary breeches of client privacy/confidentiality
  • providing services outside of relevant qualifications, professional knowledge and experience
  • fraudulent activities (unauthorised use of client information – Medicare/credit cards etc)

Note: Peer supervision services may be delivered via Skype or teleconference 1-on-1 or in groups of 2-4 persons.

Shona Innes also provides:

  • Workshops
  • Peer consultation
  • Supervision for registration or endorsement
  • Supervision following investigation into your practice as a health professional

Contact Shona Innes Psychology by phone 0400 150 106 or email or more information and to engage Shona Innes for peer supervision, provisional and registration support.