Effie and Nic lived with their mother and attended the local primary school. They had witnessed their father being violent and abusive towards their mother over the years and, on one very sad day, they were called out from school to be told that their mother had been killed and that their father was in police custody. Read more Case Stories

Domestic violence in all its forms – physical, sexual, psychological and financial – deeply affects children and young people, whether they are witness to it or the direct recipients of abuse or maltreatment. Shona Innes Psychology works with children and their families to assess and formulate an appropriate course of action including treatment and support for what are often dangerous, long-term and complex situations.

Clear assessment that is inclusive of wide-ranging issues to determine the risk factors, patterns, triggers, the ‘power imbalance’ and cycle of domestic violence within a family, is a central pillar of the services offered by Shona Innes Psychology. As always, safety is the ultimate priority in the formulation of treatment for children and their carers in domestic violence situations.

Shona Innes Psychology is regularly engaged as a consultant to the courts, legal teams and criminal justice systems, child protection agency personnel and case managers for various community services.