Janelle was 35 and living alone when she took in a young man she had been working with and who needed a place to stay. The young man had heavy substance abuse issues and a complex history and she thought she could help by giving him a safe place to live while he sorted himself out. Things turned violent one night when the young man returned home affected by multiple drugs.
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Shona Innes Psychology carefully and sensitively assesses and formulates treatment plans for young people and adults who have experienced trauma or have been exposed to crime who are recovering from trauma or a criminal act against them

These services are delivered privately and at the request of child protection, trauma support agencies, domestic violence support groups, and other community agencies and health providers.

Services include making sense of traumatic incidents across the many stresses of the life span for those who have been affected by violence, sexual assault, significant bullying, stalking, catastrophic events, traffic accidents or who have been witness to serious crime. Careful plans for adjustment are made through a trauma focused lens.

Shona Innes Psychology also provides support services for the carers – family members and case workers involved in the direct care of victims of crime.

Contact Shona Innes Psychology by phone 0400 150 106 or email admin@shonainnes.com for more information about assessment, reporting, treatment and consulting.