Rob was 20 when he was convicted of serious assault charges. He had an autism spectrum disorder and had been bullied for many, many years. One day, Rob decided to take matters into his own hands and retaliated against a bully, assaulting the bully and leaving him seriously brain injured.
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Young people who find themselves in trouble with the law require clear assessment and recommendations that are not only appropriate but inclusive of important historical and background issues; that are practical and achievable within the context of an individual’s circumstances; and that recognise and include the various systems sharing the duty of care.

Shona Innes Psychology has an overarching goal for teens and young adults to achieve balanced, sensible and safe treatment for issues that include: pornography, sex offending, stalking, violent behaviour, ‘hooning’, unsafe and culpable driving, substance abuse, internet offences and many other criminal activities.

At Shona Innes Psychology we also work with and support personnel, psychologists and case managers to provide support for those commonly referred to as ‘system kids’ – the young people who are caught in a cycle of reoffending.

Experienced in dealing with offenders with disabilities, developmental  and cognitive disorders, Shona Innes Psychology provides clear assessment and recommendations for outcomes that are specific for individual needs and circumstances, while inclusive of the relevant legal and community systems. Where appropriate, this will also include a Trauma-Informed lens

Rehabilitation and treatment programs

Experienced and hands-on with specialised skill sets, Shona Innes Psychology supports monitoring personnel in the delivery of rehabilitation program evaluation and facilitation, consultation can assist to support:

  • Case management over the short, medium and long term
  • Individual or group work with ‘at risk’ clients within youth justice and correctional environments
  • Management of ‘at risk’ young people in the community
  • Sex and violent offender assessment, formulation and reporting
  • Responsible driving programs
  • Anger management
  • Cognitive skills for offenders
  • Violence awareness and treatment
  • Domestic violence
  • Disabilities support networks
  • Alcohol and drug rehabilitation services
  • Child safety and child protection
  • Foster parents, parenting capacity and adoption
  • Relapse prevention
  • Development of group treatment programs

Contact Shona Innes Psychology by phone 0400 150 106 or email for more information about assessment, reporting, treatment and consulting.