Teens and young people are often inundated with a range of pressures that impact on their ability to thrive, cope, reason and make decisions that are in their own best interest.

It’s important to know when to intervene and when to leave things be. If intervention is warranted, Shona Innes Psychology combine research knowledge and practice expertise to tailor it to meet the needs of the teen, their family and their circumstances. Shona Innes Psychology also delivers interventions in ways that are responsive to the ways that teens relate.

While many of the following matters will amount to nothing more than a passing phase, for some teens, young people and their families, these matters can become overwhelming, emotionally draining and lead to more severe health and wellbeing issues. Among the more common matters adversely affecting teens and young people and those who care for them that may require psychological guidance and care are:

  • Bullying: friendship groups & online pressures
  • Sexting and sexualised behaviours
  • Self-esteem
  • Dealing with heartbreak: sadness, infatuation and teen stalking
  • Grief and loss
  • Family breakdowns: separation and divorce
  • Depression and mental health issues
  • Perfectionism
  • Managing school pressures, performance anxiety
  • Body image: eating disorders, self-harm and body dysmorphic disorders
  • Alcohol and drug related matters
  • ADHD and attention problems
  • Gender diversity and transgender support (LGBTIQ)
  • Self-harm and suicidal risk

Shona Innes Psychology invites appointments for private psychology consulting and referrals from doctors, school guidance counsellors and community agencies involved in the care of teens and young people.

Contact Shona Innes Psychology by phone 0400 150 106 or email admin@shonainnes.com for more information about these and other matters affecting teens and young people.